August Update

With the start of a new month (plus a day or two), this seemed like a good time to do an update on the progress of the race and the state of my blog.

The latest update on the race is simple: I’m still waiting. I wrote back at the end of June about my excitement at turning in my permit application. The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly though, and the committee that reviews the permit applications only meets once a month. They did not review my application in July, so that means I’m back to the waiting game until the end of August. It’s frustrating, but since it’s completely out of my hands it’s a good chance to practice some zen calm. Lucky me…

The good news is that I haven’t been idle in the meantime. I recently ran the SOB 50 mile in Ashland, Oregon and posted a report of my adventures. I’ve also been adding content to the site over in the Director’s Cut area. You can find information on other races and events I’ve participated in, charities I support via running, resources I use for training and inspiration, and, of course, gear I can’t live without.

All that is done, and there’s more to come. In preparation for the eventual permit approval, I will be working on the website for the race itself. I’ll also be working on follow-up posts on starting a business. And to top it all off, doing my final big training push before the 2014 Pine To Palm 100. Stay tuned!

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