The Race Website Is Live

As I mentioned in my August Update, I’m still waiting on permit review by the City of Chico. I couldn’t let those delays make me complacent, so I went ahead and setup a placeholder website for the race. May I present, the Rim To Rim Trail Run (ta da)!

My goal was simply to get a placeholder website up and running, with the domain I wanted and some very basic information about the race. To meet those needs, I elected to use Website Builder from GoDaddy. I was already using GoDaddy for this blog’s domain registration, and they had an easy program to get a deal on the domain when I purchased the Website Builder product. The Website Builder product is limited, but very straightforward to use. They have a variety of website templates to choose from, and after selecting one you can customize everything on the site using a visual editor. In a couple of hours I had everything purchased, some images added, a little basic content entered, and the site up and running.

To be clear, this is not the route I would go for a more robust, complex website. You do not have access to the site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so you are limited to the widgets and options their editor provides. However, for this first pass and a basic website with some static content this option has worked out well.

Once the permit approval process is complete I’ll be looking to make a true destination website. As it evolves I’ll be happy to hear any feedback from the community on how to make it the most attractive, useful trail run website out there.

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