What’s this blog?

This blog will chronicle my adventures (and likely misadventures) as I seek to put on my first ultramarathon race; a 50 mile jaunt through the Sierra Nevada foothills in Chico, California. Let this blog serve as my little black box, recording all that happens in my journey from a runner to a Race Director.


Why this race? Why this place?

I’ve lived in Chico for 20 years and have been actively running here for the last 5. Chico has an amazing trail system available in Upper Bidwell Park, and I have run (to the best of my knowledge) every combination of main and spur trails it has to offer. As you would expect, there are several races that utilize the park, but the longest among these is a half-marathon and most are 5 or 10k. I want to offer more.

The trails of Upper Bidwell are beautiful and rugged, winding through the low foothills of the canyon carved out by Big Chico Creek. The canyon rim trails especially offer tough climbs, fun descents and beautiful views; key ingredients of a perfect trail race. But what if you want to run farther? What if you want to push beyond the 10k mark? I want to take the trails that Chico knows and loves and showcase them to the world in a long distance, rough and rugged race.


Image Credit – Background image by Derek Curry, cropped to size; CC 2.0 license

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